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Wednesday, November 7

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A Tale of Two Systems: Open Educational Resources and Affordable Learning Solutions Colonial Ballroom, Embassy SuitesDavid Hellman • Ron Leonard • Neil Sorensen • George Wrenn Accessibility & Publishing: Practices for equitable access and maximum impact Cypress Ballroom North, Courtyard MarriottSusan Doerr • Stephanie Rosen • Peter Alan Smith • Emma Waecker Adapting Library Workflows to Accommodate Transferred Journals Citadel Green Room South, Embassy SuitesChristine Davidian • Jennifer K Matthews Advancing Discovery Throughout the Scholarly Communications Workflow Calhoun Room, Francis Marion HotelAmira Aaron • Daniel Hook • Jaco Zijlstra E-book is Not a Four-letter Word. (Or, how we reduced anxiety and increased liaison confidence in acquiring and engaging our users with e-books.) Grand Ballroom 2, Gaillard CenterJamie Hazlitt Flipping the model: A values-based, consortial approach to journal negotiations Grand Ballroom 3, Gaillard CenterBeth Blanton-Kent • Cheri Duncan • Edward Lener • Genya O'Gara Increasing E-Resources Provision in Caribbean Law Libraries: Are These Collection Development Practices Acceptable? Rutledge Room, Francis Marion HotelMyrna Douglas Inspec Analytics: Beyond Scientific Discovery Gold Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelTim Aitken • The IET Is Your Library Prepared for the Reality of Virtual Reality? - What you need to know and why it belongs in your library! Ashley Room, Courtyard MarriottCarl Grant • Stephen Rhind-Tutt Know when to Hold ‘Em, Know when to Fold ‘Em: Using Data to Streamline Weeding Grand Ballroom 1, Gaillard CenterDawn Mick • Kimberley Robles Smith • David Tyckoson Let the winds of change carry us forward: Measuring diversity and other multidisciplinary subjects in the collection Carolina Ballroom A, Francis Marion HotelSue Phelps • Julia Proctor Measuring the scholarly impact of newspaper sources in research Laurens Room, Francis Marion HotelEric T. Meyer Meeting Customers & Users Where They Are Colonial Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelScott Ahlberg • Stacey Burke • Bert Carelli • Lettie Conrad • Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe • Erika Valenti Nothing happens unless first a dream: Demystifying the academic library job search and acing the application process Magnolia Room, Courtyard MarriottWhitney Jordan • Scottie Kapel • Elizabeth Skene Open Web Tools Cooper Room, Courtyard MarriottCurtis Michelson • Gary Price Preparing the Way for our Linked Data Future: Making MARC the Best it can Be Citadel Green Room North, Embassy SuitesRichard Belanger • Casey Cheney • Tiziana Possemato • Philip Schreur Strategic Restructuring: staffing collections for an evolving scholarly landscape Carolina Ballroom B, Francis Marion HotelSamuel Cassady • Pamela Jacobs • Denise LaFitte The New ORCID US Community Blooms: Working Together for Positive Change Cypress Ballroom South, Courtyard MarriottJill Grogg • Sheila Rabun What Makes Us Do It? The Legalities and Demand that Necessitates a Library Video Streaming Service Salon II, Gaillard CenterLea Currie • Corinne Forstot-Burke Where the Stress Falls: Exploring Challenges in the University Library-University Press Relationship Salon I, Gaillard CenterGeoffrey Robert Little • Lisa Quinn • Elizabeth Scarpelli • Carolyn Walters Stopwatch Session Pinckney Room, Francis Marion HotelBobby Hollandsworth • Barbara Ferry • Marianne Foley • Beth Marhanka • Claude Potts

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A Joint Roadmap for Open Science/Scholarly Tools: Collaborating to Support Open Infrastructure Carolina Ballroom A, Francis Marion HotelLisa Janicke Hinchliffe • Alison McGonagle-O'Connell • Travis Rich • Mike Roy • Dan Whaley Academic Libraries and Curriculum Collection Development Grand Ballroom 2, Gaillard CenterBeth Bernhardt • Robert Boissy • Michael Levine-Clark Academic Libraries: How do they put it all together, become agile, and adapt? Colonial Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelTyler Walters Authentication, Identity Management, Privacy and Personalisation: How can libraries strike the right balance and avoid the growing dystopian dangers? Gold Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelSteven Harris • Josh Howlett • Kari Paulson • Molly Rainard • Heather Shipman Beyond Circulation: Assessing Collections in the Age of Student Success Cypress Ballroom North, Courtyard MarriottAlicia Willson-Metzger Bringing new scholarly communications librarians into bloom. Salon II, Gaillard CenterJosh Bolick • Maria Bonn • Will Cross Collective Action: Community Approaches in Scholarly Communication Grand Ballroom 1, Gaillard CenterChris Erdmann • Alice Meadows • T. Scott Plutchak • Howard Ratner • Lou Woodley Dangerous liaisons: brainstorming the 21st century academic liaison Calhoun Room, Francis Marion HotelAntje Mays Expand Your Online Presence: Promote Your Scholarly activities with Author Services Pinckney Room, Francis Marion HotelRussell Michalak • Monica Rysavy Gatekeeper or Navigator? An Outsider's Take on Librarian Approach Cypress Ballroom South, Courtyard MarriottHeather Hankins Good Partners? Can Open Access publishers and librarians find meaningful ways to collaborate? Citadel Green Room South, Embassy SuitesSarah Wipperman • Tina Baich • Alistair Freeland • Regina Gong • Brian Hole I Didn’t Know You Didn’t Know That: Access to Articles from 3 (or more) Perspectives Salon I, Gaillard CenterTina Buck • Andy Todd Intersectionality: How the Definition Has Evolved and How Libraries Can Support the Conversation Citadel Green Room North, Embassy SuitesSara Howard • Sharon Ladenson • Shawn(ta) Smith-Cruz • Philip Virta Open Access, Open Research, and the future of the Big Deal Grand Ballroom 3, Gaillard CenterAdam Chesler • Chris Bennett • Jennifer Chan • Liz Ferguson Popular Reading Collections in Academic Libraries - A Panel Discussion on Goals, Parameters, and Campus Reactions Cooper Room, Courtyard MarriottCarol Cramer • Hilary Davis • Suchi Mohanty • Lynn Whittenberger State of Play: Research insights on effective educational video in the library Rutledge Room, Francis Marion HotelAustina Jordan • Michael Carmichael • Michelle Miller The Digital Scholarship Strata: Exploring Options to Support the Widest Cross-Section of the Student and Scholarly Body Laurens Room, Francis Marion HotelTim Bucknall • Marc Cormier • Sarah Ketchley The Next Big Thing: Empowering Campus Entrepreneurs Ashley Room, Courtyard MarriottAmy Braun • Heather Howard • Katharine V. Macy • Corey Seeman • Alyson Vaaler • Kristi Ward “The Everything Store” by Brad Stone: The Impact of Amazon on Library Services Carolina Ballroom B, Francis Marion HotelJoyce Dixon-Fyle

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All Roads Lead to Rome: Uncovering New Paths to Discovery Grand Ballroom 2, Gaillard CenterMichael Levine-Clark • Nate Turajski Budgets On My Mind: Changing Budget Allocations to Meet Teaching and Research Needs Grand Ballroom 3, Gaillard CenterCorey Murata • Denise D Novak • Denise Pan Building a narrative for researchers around open research impact Cypress Ballroom North, Courtyard MarriottRachel Borchardt • Mithu Lucraft • Sara Rouhi • David Sommer Crawling to walking to sitting on clouds: The path to efficiency and happiness for Acquisitions Gold Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelAnn-Marie Breaux • Sarah Forzetting • James Gulvas Destroyer and preserver; hear, oh hear! Not all uncirculated books must chariotest to a dark wintry bed. How we used the OCLC WorldCat Search API to inform our weeding decisions with holdings data. Citadel Green Room North, Embassy SuitesGeoff Timms East meets West: the Japan Assoc. of National University Libraries (JANUL) and the University of Central Florida (UCF) exchange Librarians and Learning Commons information Cooper Room, Courtyard MarriottYuka Taniguchi • Barbara Tierney From the Winter of Messy Data into the Spring of Standardization: eBook Vendor Data Re-envisioned Calhoun Room, Francis Marion HotelBrian Falato • Bonita Pollock How can digital course resource lists transform teaching and learning? Ashley Room, Courtyard MarriottMark Bush • Ian Snowley • Nick Woolley Institutional Access, Individual Actions – Understanding user behaviors in accessing full-text on the open web Colonial Ballroom, Embassy SuitesGail Clement • Jan Reichelt • Clarivate Analytics Is High Use Really a "Big Deal?" Using Accessible Data and Advanced Analytics to Better Value Journal Packages Grand Ballroom 1, Gaillard CenterBruce Heterick • Darby Orcutt Is Spring Too Far Behind For Obsolete Media? Laurens Room, Francis Marion HotelSherri Michaels Objectionable materials and the academic library Cypress Ballroom South, Courtyard MarriottBob Holley Read & Publish: What Changes Can Libraries Expect? Carolina Ballroom A, Francis Marion HotelCurtis Brundy • Katharine Dunn • Josh Horowitz • Kevin Steiner Red Light, Green Light: The Intersection of Libraries, Vendors, Apps and OER Citadel Green Room South, Embassy SuitesChrista Bailey • Adriana Poo Short Books: Why They are Published, the Obstacles they Face, and their Prospects for Success Pinckney Room, Francis Marion HotelMatthew Ismail • Steve Weiland Spring Forward: Collaborating to Build and Assess a Collection of Learning Objects Rutledge Room, Francis Marion HotelStephanie Jacobs • Audrey Powers Textbook Alternatives for Less Expensive and Better Pedagogy Salon II, Gaillard CenterDavid Stern Today’s Selection, Ordering, and Acquisition Environment: How I learned to stop worrying and love antiques, archaic models, and a good workaround Colonial Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelFern Brody • Holly Mercer • Janet Morrow • Bob Nardini • Richard Wisneski University Metadata and Retrieval: Updating the Library Cataloging Process Salon I, Gaillard CenterMarjorie M. K. Hlava • Ben Walker Stopwatch Session Carolina Ballroom B, Francis Marion HotelTony Horava • Catherine Anderson • Sayeed Choudhury • Jennifer Culley • Sven Fund • Paul Gahn • Thomas Phillips • Alexandria Quesenberry

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American Exceptionalism: Three Ways in which the United States Remains an Outlier on the Global Academic Stage Cooper Room, Courtyard MarriottAdam Blackwell • Michele Cloonan Automatic institution-specific holdings feeds are a win for everybody! Cypress Ballroom North, Courtyard MarriottDaniel Fitzroy • Ron Lewis • Nina Servizzi • Jody Stroh Collecting Standards for Scholarship, Organization, Industry, and Innovation Pinckney Room, Francis Marion HotelJulia Gelfand • Ibironke Lawal • Jill Hanson Powell • Anne Rauh Discovering the Library and the Librarian in Science Textbooks: Representations and Implications Rutledge Room, Francis Marion HotelJenny Bruxvoort • Paige Dhyne • Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe Inform and Engage your Campus with The New York Times Gold Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelKandace Rusnak • New York Times • The New York Times Library Space Transformed Colonial Ballroom, Embassy SuitesMatt Barnes • Jee Davis • Jared Howland • Wen-Ying Lu • Rebecca Schroeder Managing donations when you are out of space, time, money, and staff Salon II, Gaillard CenterSara Fay • Tom Reich Negotiate as if your library depends on it Grand Ballroom 2, Gaillard CenterRick Burke • Tejs Grevstad Open Access Books: The 2018 Progress Report. Carolina Ballroom A, Francis Marion HotelSven Fund Open Letter(s) on Open Access Ashley Room, Courtyard MarriottIngrid Becker • John G. Dove Publishing Community Efforts and Solutions to Mitigate the Risks Sci-Hub Poses to Researchers, Librarians and Publishers. Cypress Ballroom South, Courtyard MarriottJuan Denzer • Sari Frances • Don Hamparian • Crane Hasshold Putting Our Values Into Action: Integrating Diversity, Inclusion, & Social Justice Into Collection Management and Technical Services Colonial Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelMichelle Baildon • Rachel Finn • Jenny Hudson • Becky Imamoto Simplifying the collections budget to maximize flexibility and increase responsiveness to user needs Grand Ballroom 3, Gaillard CenterDenise LaFitte • Denise Pan Skipping the Hurdles: Fast Track Article Access for Researchers Citadel Green Room North, Embassy SuitesJason Chabak • Athena Hoeppner • Ben Kaube Sudden Collections Coordinators: When you don’t know what you don’t know Carolina Ballroom B, Francis Marion HotelMegan Daly • Ariel Pomputius • Patrick Reakes • Trey Shelton Supporting Open Education with the Wind at Your Back: Lessons for OER Programs from the Open Textbook Toolkit Citadel Green Room South, Embassy SuitesWill Cross • Erica Hayes • Mira Waller Transfer Turns Ten: the Future of the Code Laurens Room, Francis Marion HotelJennifer Bazeley • Gaelle Bequet Why IP-based access is failing end users: How to give patrons a simple, seamless user experience Grand Ballroom 1, Gaillard CenterPhil Leahy • Keith Wessel Words into Action: Building an Open Access Ecosystem Calhoun Room, Francis Marion HotelIvy Anderson • Katharine Dunn • Sybille Geisenheyner • Rice Majors Stopwatch Session Salon I, Gaillard CenterCourtney McAllister • Brianne Dosch • Chris Erdmann • Ms Lorraine Estelle • Tracy Gilmore • Barbara Hilderbrand • Edward Lener

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Poster Sessions and Happy Hour Networking Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelTom Gilson Speed Networking Calhoun Room, Francis Marion HotelMatt Branton Virtual Posters Outside Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion Hotel 01 Benchmarking the Value of Business Research: The University of Minnesota Libraries’ Model Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelMary Schoenborn • Jim Stemper 02 Buy Wisdom or Borrow It? Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelStacy Bruss 03 Corralling Data for Collection Decisions Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelSusan Finley • Latisha Reynolds 04 Data Analytics for Acquisitions Reports Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelJeffrey Sowder 05 DDA Triggers: Are We Hitting Our Collection Targets or Our Vendors Sale Targets? Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelDebbi Smith 06 We can't always get what we want, but if try some data, we might get what we need! Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelStephanie Baker • George Gottschalk • Lynn Wiley 07 Identifying Errors in Periodical Holdings Statements: How AUL Improved Its Outdated ILS Records Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelSandra Urban 08 ‘Scrumming’ the Library Materials Budget Allocation: A Serendipitous Application of an Agile Project Management Framework Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelRaimonda Margjoni • Michelle McClure 09 Do We Really Know What They Know? Designing a Survey to Find Out What Subject Bibliographers Actually Understand about Acquisitions Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelStephanie Baker • George Gottschalk • Christopher Morgan 10 Doing the Math – discovering infinity transitioning monograph standing orders from print to online and deriving a variable formula for success Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelMayu Ishida • Kat McGrath 11 Exploring Avenues to Help Health Science Students with Textbook Access via the Library’s Electronic Resources Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelRobert Britton • Jie Li 12 From Every Angle: In-Person Fruits of Worldwide Collaboration Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelMichael Cook 13 If Distance Learning Degrees Come, Can Funding be Far Behind? Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelMark McCallon 14 If You Build It, They Will Come: Creating a New Online Purchase Request System on the Cheap Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelChristee Pascale • Shanna Schaffer 15 It will work: adapting a weighted allocation formula for a different climate Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelApril Davies 16 Melting Away: Sifting through the Special Snowflakes Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelMegan Inman 17 Perceived Gender Issues in Library-Vendor Negotiations Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelAnne Cerstvik Nolan • Amy Thurlow 18 Charles VR: A Virtual Reality Reconstruction of the Coronation Mass of Emperor Charles V in Bologna in 1530 Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelTom Lee • Tom Scheinfeldt • Michael Young 19 User Engagement with Area Studies Collections in the ReCAP Shared Collection Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelMelissa Gasparotto 20 Using a community of practice approach to transform: How an academic library collections unit re-organized to meet growing demands for e-resources and services during a time of institutional change. Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelJohn Abresch 21 What are they actually reading? And what can we do with this knowledge? Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelRobert Weaver 22 Creating an ebook revolution through training Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelSophie Rondeau 24 Navigating the Integrated Library System Transition - How Can a Vendor Alleviate the Pain? Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelJonathan Blackburn • Anne Campbell • Katy Gabrio • Matthew Payne 25 Reimagining Research Services’ outreach to faculty and students: a tale of two research departments Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelLinda Colding • Barbara Tierney 26 When the Wind Blows: Changing Roles for Changing Times Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelShelby Hallman • Mira Waller 27 If you build it, will they come? Convincing faculty to utilize the campus repository Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelJennifer L. Pate 28 International Copyright in Historical Context: Who are the real pirates? Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelPaul St-Pierre 30 Making data sharing the new normal: progress and challenges Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelMithu Lucraft 31 The Right Growing Conditions: How to Plant an Idea and Nurture it into a Dynamic Collection Development Unit Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelLaurie Aycock • Ana Guimaraes 32 Spotlight your gems: Enhancing unique collections through discovery, access, and digital scholarship Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelElaine Mael 33 The ERM is Dead. Long Live the ERM! Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelTina Buck • Elizabeth Lightfoot • Shelly Schmucker 34 Utilizing Microsoft OneNote for Transitioning Collection Development and Liaison Duties Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelBarbara Bishop 35 Working Toward Yes: creating mutually beneficial license terms Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelRachel Becker 36 A Navigation Tool into Unfamiliar Research Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelTony Xu CANCELED: Launching and Scaling your Affordability Initiative - How it was successfully done with OER and Library Content at OhioLINK Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelLauren Rose CANCELLED: Laying the groundwork for a scholarly communications program: Assessing training needs of liaison and graduate librarians Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelApril Schweikhard Excel tips that can be used all year round! Outside Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelMichael Winecoff The Game of Open Access - making UK mandates more memorable Outside Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelCatherine Parker

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