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John G. Dove

Consultant and Open Access Advocate

I’m the former CEO of Credo Reference, and before that president of Silverplatter. I am now a consultant to the publishing and library worlds specifically in areas related to Open Access.

I won't take on any clients that aren't working to accelerate the transition to a fully Open Access world.I am a member of the NISO Information Discovery & Interchange Topic Committee, and serve on the Advisory Board for the Mapping the Scholarly Communications Infrastructure.

In 2015 I co-edited (with Dave Tychoson) "Reimagining Reference in the 21st Century" which is part of the Charleston Insights in Library, Archival, and Information Sciences.

My main focus in advocating for Open Access has been to find ways to shine a light on the accessibility of referenced sources in scholarly articles. I maintain that an article is not really open unless there is unfettered access to its referenced sources. The "Open Letter(s) on Open Access" #OALetters is exemplifies this idea.

My Speakers Sessions

Wednesday, November 7

3:40pm EST